Works on paper

Common Grounds

Part of an ongoing project focused on the artists’ surrounding surfaces, noticing how their imperfections testify to time’s passing and natural processes. Different city dwellers inspire this project; the ground serves as a symbolic element in a shared space.

Graphite on paper

45X61 cm


Common Plants

Using the technique of frottage, I create sketches from leaves that are commonly found in my surroundings. While these drawings are inspired by botanical illustrations, they do not describe the actual plant, instead producing a new form.

Graphite on paper

29X21 cm



For the Re-Feel Magazine Calendars Issue by Shiri Tarko , I created 25 unique pages for the month of August, that were assembled into the calnedars of the year 2016. I was inspired by the theme of summer vacation, as well as the Israeli warm month of August. See article in Portfolio magazine

Mixed technique on paper
29.7X42 cm